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Your Qualified Source For Selling A Cessna 300 or 400 Series Twin


When the time comes to sell your Twin Cessna, you should know about JTA and the many reasons JTA is the wisest method of selling your aircraft.


It is a far different world than 1978 for selling a Twin Cessna. The days of a brief classified ad or a 3×5 card posted at the local airport followed by a quick test hop and compression checks followed by a cashier’s check and Bill of Sale are over. Good riddance.


Today’s sale of a quality Twin Cessna at top retail value requires an enormous amount of time, effort and skill. A comprehensive review of the aircraft’s Logbooks and Records is required, and thorough knowledge of the aircraft’s history, its systems and performance, AD’s and SB’s, modifications and maintenance is also a must. It is imperative that buyers get answers to questions about insurance, financing, and training.


Today, your classified ad may be seen on the internet world wide. Great you say. It also means calls and requests for information seven days per week – at all hours. If spending Sunday morning researching a maintenance action or payload/range profiles what you desire? It is JTA’s business.


JTA provides the Twin Cessna Seller with the assurance that the aircraft is being professionally represented with the interests of the owner – JTA’s client – a priority. The pre-listing research, current market intelligence and hands-on contact with the aircraft assures the seller that the price structure is correct. A thorough knowledge of Twin Cessnas, a comprehensive marketing approach and expertise in aircraft sales administration contribute to a completed sale with the Seller’s minimum effort.




Jerry A. Temple is an aviation professional in every sense. Initially trained as a Vietnam era US Army fixed and rotary wing pilot, Jerry Temple holds an Airline Transport Pilot rating and is type rated to pilot the Cessna Citation jet. Additional fixed wing ratings include Certified Flight Instructor in both single and multi-engine airplanes, and the Instrument Instructor rating. He holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate to fly helicopters and possesses a Helicopter Instrument rating. Jerry Temple has logged over 5000 hours of flight time – including 250 hours of combat flight time logged while serving as the pilot of an assault helicopter in the Vietnam War. He was awarded the Air Medal and the Purple Heart for his service.


Jerry Temple earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Management and has been involved in General Aviation sales since 1975. This experience includes four years with the Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita, Kansas. At Cessna, Jerry was a marketing specialist which involved the writing of aircraft brochures, dealer sales manuals and other product information literature. In this role, a considerable knowledge of the various Cessna models, their performance, features and options was developed.


Other positions with Cessna involved the marketing of turbine powered aircraft such as the Conquest turboprops and the Citation jets. In 1979, Jerry joined AirFlite, the Long Beach based Cessna Aircraft distributor. AirFlite was Cessna’s wholesale distributor in California, Arizona and Nevada. In the role of Multi-Engine Sales Manager, considerable flight experience in the Cessna 300 and 400 Series Twins was gained, and he also acquired knowledge about competitive aircraft. In 1993, Jerry Temple began Jerry Temple Aviation (JTA) with the concept of providing Buyers and Sellers of piston powered aircraft with the same high standards of professional support that is offered in the business jet marketplace. Today, JTA is recognized as the leading Twin Cessna Specialist.


Integrity - The Foundation of JTA


There is a reason JTA receives calls, letters, emails and faxes from both Twin Cessna Buyers and Sellers 365 days a year. In an unregulated industry, involving a high ticket and very mobile product, the need for an honest professional orchestrating the successful sales transaction of a multi-engine airplane is critical. Jerry Temple Aviation accepts the responsibility for making certain a sale is properly conducted. This involves the often challenging requirement to educate the Seller about the aircraft’s true value; its assets and liabilities. Forty years of experience in General Aviation marketing and sales, enables JTA to educate the Buyer not only about the aircraft, but of proper sales procedures, Offers, Purchase Agreements, Inspections, and Deliveries. JTA is committed to ensuring that all of the sales steps are followed. A pleased and satisfied Buyer is not an option – it’s a JTA requirement.

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